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Easy to set up, easy to use

Your employees could be opening their first phishing simulation 5 minutes from now.

1. Add your employees

Import a list of your employee's or add them via the form on the right.

Step 1 Screenshot

2. Edit a template

Modify the fields to make it more plausable.

Step 2 Screenshot

3. Edit the sender information

Set the name and from email address.

Step 3 Screenshot

4. Schedule the attack

Select the recipients and schedule a date and time to send the email.

Step 4 Screenshot

5. Watch in real time

See how your employees went.

Step 5 Screenshot


Fresh template library
We're constantly updating the templates available to stay up to date with current trends and what we're seeing out in the wild.
Real-time reporting
Whenever an employee interacts with an attack, we'll show you what, when and how via their user agent and IP address.
Interative training
Every month we'll send out brand new simulations to ensure your employees don't forget what they've learnt.
User groups (coming soon)
You can group your employees by department, location or anything else then target those groups specifically.
No installation required
Everything runs from the browser and nothing needs to be installed. If you can read this, you're ready to go.
Modern interface
We're using the latest web technology where it makes sense to provide a the best experience possible.
SMS attacks (coming soon)
Send phishing attacks via a link inside an SMS message. You can use our custom templates, or create your own.
Bulk import users
We can import all your employees in a few seconds, all you need to do is drag and drop a .csv file into the employees page.